About us

Our company

BooQC Publishing was launched in 2015 in order to tell the North American side of video game history. Our first book tells the history of Coleco Industries one of the most iconic company of its time and will be released in June 2016.

It will be followed by many unannounced books that we hope will be as pleasing to read as we took pleasure to write it.

Our team

Antoine Clerc-Renaud
Founder - Author - Publisher
After 3 years working in the QA side of the video game industry, Antoine decided to go for what he always loved, becoming a video game historian. An avid collector and a passionate writer, Antoine had his worked published several times in magazines, books and websites.
He created BooQC Publishing in order to have the North American side of video game history told  while most of its main players are available for interviews.
Lison Cherki
Layout Artist - Artistic Director
Lison has worked with Antoine since the beginning and has been supporting his endeavour since day one. An accomplished artist, Lison is graduated in Visual Arts from Montreal's university UQAM and has been working tirelessly in the local artistic industry. Her fine tastes make her decisions relevant.